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#675  SCRABBLE Tiles & Trays  
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Make your own shelf sitter.

$.50 per letter

$3.00 per tray

We search our local tag sales and thrift stores weekly to find traditional used SCRABBLE tiles and trays for crafting. Add the tiles to your cart and then leave us a note on the letters of the alphabet you require. Tiles are 1" and trays are 7" long. We can custom cut your trays if you like at no extra cost... just tell us how long you want your tray to be. Tile tones vary as these tiles and trays are used. Use hot glue or wood glue if you want to permanently affix your tiles to the tray. Be creative and get crafting with our recycled Scrabble tiles and trays.


Our Price:  $0.50  

Units:       per letter

Approximate Shipping Time:
3 Business Days



Tell us which letters you want and how many of each letter.

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