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#56  Glass Glitter ULTRA Micro Beads - 15 Colors
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Glass Glitter ULTRA  Micro Beads are micro sized balls of glass without holes... (0.025 to 0.03 diameter) 

The highly reflective and translucent colors are versatile for crafting, scrapbooking, nail art, polymer clay art projects and more.  Each glass ball is as tiny as a grain of sand, but together they add sparkle, shine and reflectivity to hundreds of artistic applications. Our exclusive set of 15 colors are in ½ ounce, glass shakers for ease in application and in storage.   Also included are 15, one-ounce packets of each color to refill your shakers.

  Some applications for Glass Glitter Beads include:  Polymer clay beads and projects – Scrapbook & Handmade Cards – Embellish Fabrics, Shirts, Bags and Shoes - Acrylic Nails – Decoupage Art – Christmas Ornaments – Fairy & Angel Wings – Ceramics – The possibilities are endless. 

SPRINKLE  Glass Glitter Beads on top of these mediums while they are wet for amazing shimmer and reflectivity when they dry.   

 Ranger Glossy & Matte Accents 
Oh-so-sticky powders 
The essential glue pad adhesive 
Red liner bead tape 
Tacky Tape Stamp & Stick Gluepad 
Liquitex Gloss and Matte Gels and Mediums 
Clear Nail Polish! 
Mod Podge & Decoupage Mediums 
Aleene’s clear tacky glue 
Polymer clay varnish 
Spray on Adhesives 
Puffy & Dimensional Paints Fabric Paints 
Acrylic & Oil Paints 
Any clear-drying glue


Our Price:  $39.98  

Units:       Set of 15

Approximate Shipping Time:
1 business day

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