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Goods for Home Crafting

We are pleased to offer you some of our unique goods for home crafting.  For wholesale orders or large quantities, please email for a price quote.


Pumpkin Stems Large Resin
Our Price:  $9.98  
Pumpkin Stems Medium Resin
Our Price:  $6.98  
Pumpkin Stems Small Style A Resin
Our Price:  $4.98  
Light Rust Bed Spring
Our Price:  $3.98  
Vintage Music Paper Shreds
Our Price:  $5.98  
SCRABBLE Tiles & Trays
Our Price:  $0.50  
1 OZ Beeswax Blend - Unscented
Our Price:  $1.98  
1 OZ Cinnamon Beeswax Blend
Our Price:  $2.25  
1 OZ Blackened Beeswax - Unscented
Our Price:  $1.98  
1/4 OZ Saigon Cinnamon Rub
Our Price:  $2.98  
French Loops
Our Price:  $0.20  
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